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Kilian van de Water is a german designer and artist living in Düsseldorf. His work focuses on illustration, animation and conceptual visual identities combining the advantages

of these fields. Since 2023 he lectures Animation & Motion Design at the Peter Behrens School of Arts in Düsseldorf. He also designs websites and creates animated short films, which have been shown at various film festivals and the NRW Forum  Düsseldorf. Since 2020 he organises the annual Trickfilm Festival Düsseldorf.


DEMO Festival 

Festival for Motion Design, Netherlands

NRW Forum Düsseldorf

Sweetnes of doing nothing, 

Zeitgenössische Illustration

Reeperbahn Festival

(IN) BETWEEN Exhibition

Kansas City Underground Festival

Official Selection

Desenzano Film Festival

Official Selection

NRW Forum Düsseldorf:

Düsseldorfer Designer*innen

Kunstfreunde Köln:

Ein impuls

Pretty Portal Galery:

Silence Kills Exhibition

Offene Ateliers Münster

Group Exhibition

Rooooom Galery

Solo Exhibition

Leipziger Buchmesse




Art Film Awards:

Honorable Mention


1x Honorable Mention

1x Mobile Excellence


The Imagination Project:

(1/3) Winners


Design Rush:

Best Website Design


PAGE Magazin

Trickfilm Festival Düsseldorf

Design Rush

The Dorf: 

Trickfilm Festival Düsseldorf curated by Kilian van de Water

Rheinische Post Print Edition:

Poster Protest - Silence Kills


BELLA triste Magazine Print Edition

Feel free to get in touch

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